Ron House

Ron House was a local legend in Columbus, OH. You could always find him behind the counter at Used Kids. However, his connection the music scene went way further back than that.

He played for the 80's underground band The Great Plains.

At some point, he crossed paths with Bob Pollard. Pollard told the story at a show once that Ron House introduced him to bands like Wire while hanging out at Magnolia Thunderpussy, another seminal Columbus record shop.

Eventually, House formed Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments. They played a handful of shows and had a ton of buzz.

Thurston Moore hand-picked them to play the second stage at Lollapalooza. I missed it because I chose to eat. My siblings saw the set, along with members of Brainiac, Pavement, and Sonic Youth. I ate something fried while Cypress Hill took the main stage.

I did see TJSA a few times around town, including once opening for Guided By Voices and New Bomb Turks.

Ron House once came to my college for a CD swap night. He liked all the pretty girls.

I'd see House for years after that in Used Kids. He always was pleasant. There were even a few times he rounded up a used version of something new I was about to buy, saving me a few bucks. I once saw him come in on a Saturday morning with his baby. That's sort of where the Ron House mystique ended for me.

Either way, Ron House is the Columbus music scene.


ks said...

Ron House procreated? Wow.

comoprozac said...

Yes. I think his partner is/was an art teacher at the arts impact elementary school in C-bus.

ks said...

BTW, I swapped a Pearl Jam CD for Pavement's 'Westing by Musket & Sextant' at that CD swap. Ron House approved. (And you thought YOU were uncool for wearing a Weezer shirt to an Archers show...Ha!)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where Ron is at? I have lost touch with and would like to find him again.

I do have a facebook/ Veronica C. Yost.

Thanks and I hope you can help.


comoprozac said...

I assumed he was still in Columbus. However, I don't live there and we were never friendly enough to correspond.