The Best Wilco Show I Saw

Wilco has generally disappointed me with their live show. They're a much better album band for me. They always seemed sort of stiff and unnatural.

However, they were great one night. I saw them play an outdoor show in Columbia, MO during my first fall in town. It was a place some of the band members used to come in their youth to see shows.

Actually, Uncle Tupelo used to play the Blue Note a lot.

Speaking of Uncle Tupelo, I saw Son Volt reunite at the Blue Note later that same fall.

Back to Wilco...Many family members were there for the show. Either the familiarity with the town or the fact so much family was there allowed the band to be at ease and loose. It was a great show.

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ks said...

I'd probably give a kidney to see an Uncle Tupelo reunion show.