The Coctails

Not many people remember the Coctails. They were a band from Chicago who recorded on Carrot Top Records. They largely self-taught musicians who played a ridiculous number of instruments. The songs ranged from typical early-nineties indie rock to a sort of jazzy lounge-type of music.

I saw them on the second stage at Lollapalooza in 1993 and again in 1995. Then I saw them on their farewell tour later in 1995. They sold dolls of the band members along with their Cd's and t-shirts.

Members later went on to form several other bands, including Sea and Cake.


ks said...

The Coctails are partially responsible for my love of indie rock, as well as for causing me to fall for my high-school/college sweetheart. I was smitten after hearing him play "Road Hog" for a friend on the band-room stereo system. I was too young to get into Stache's for the 1995 show (I was a 17-yr old freshman at Cap.) Jealous again...

comoprozac said...

Yeah, the Coctails had a similar place in my heart as well - tied to a love, intro to indie rock. Some day they'll get their due.