The Six Degrees of Sub Pop

My uncle grew up with a friend named John. My mom even dated John's brother once. The boys eventually went their separate ways to college. My uncle attended Kenyon (I believe) and John traveled out west to Evergreen State in Washington.

Eventually, John invited my uncle to join him in the Pacific Northwest.

It was the eighties and there was a thriving music scene developing in this part of the country. Besides the local acts, my uncle got the chance to see bands like Black Flag and The Replacements. However, my uncle succumbed to a few demons and had to return to Ohio.

Whatever happened to John? Well, his full name is John Poneman. He joined Bruce Pavitt in establishing the record label Sub Pop. Sub Pop would later gain fame during the grunge era with releases by Nirvana, Mudhoney, Soundgarden, and others.

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