Eric Judy Needs a Job

A friend of a friend has lived in Seattle since graduating from college at the turn of the century. Being the hipster she is, she has worked all the cool jobs in Seattle, including bar tender, florist (at Pike's Place), and coffee shop manager. It was this last job that allowed her an opportunity to meet Eric Judy of Modest Mouse.

On a typically rainy day, Judy walked up to the counter and asked for the manager. My friend recognized Judy right away and was slightly star-struck. Judy proceeded to ask her for a job.

It seems that Modest Mouse was on hiatus and it was unclear if they were ever going to get back together again. Isaac Brock was as unstable as ever and drummer Jeremiah Green was playing with the band Satisfact. Judy had kids to feed.

My friend bought him a coffee and sat down to chat. She basically talked him out of applying for a job because he was Eric Judy of Modest Mouse. Judy took her advice and left.

Within a year of his job hunt, Judy and the other members of Modest Mouse recorded Good People Who Love Bad News.


Anonymous said...

Wow thats an amazing story. So sad that he was looking for a job but then luckily they broke out with Good News and had it made.

Anonymous said...

Uhm, love the band, love Eric Judy. But it's not sad that he should be applying for a job.

I don't like that mentality.

"Oh, he's a rock star, he- he shouldn't lower himself to work!"

More like, good for Eric that he still had the humility to investigate joining the workforce.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure coffee shops don't like rapists anyway.

Anonymous said...

Wait, wrong modest mouse guy. This guy is cool.

estschudi said...

Lovey, you are a gross dick. Get a hobby and reading US magazine doesn't count.