My Sister's Liquid Courage and Stephen Malkmus

Stephen Malkmus and his Jicks were set to play Little Borther's. I arrived between the opener and Malkmus' set to find my sister three sheets to the wind and boasting of a conversation with SM.

She gathered up enough courage (ie a few beers) to strike up a conversation with SM. She told him how much Pavement had meant to her since she was 13 or 14. She bragged about attending their last American show (at Cincinnati's Bogart's). SM finally got a word in and mentioned that former Pavement percussionist/hype man/Moog-beater Bob Nastanovich was at the show, selling t-shirts.

Bob, aka Nasty, was happy to chat with a Pavement fan. Nasty now lives in Louisville across the street from Churchill Downs. My sister proceeded to tell him how our family used to go down to Louisville every year for a big sheep show. She compared al sorts of insights about sheep with Bob's knowledge of horses. This impressed Nasty and SM.

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