Will Oldham

I nearly missed my chance to appreciate Will Oldham...twice.

Palace Songs played a Lollapalooza second stage once. I don't even remember which year. Either way, I didn't pay attention.

The next time happened when I went to Stache's to see the opening band, Run On. I had seen Run On before in an opening slot for Yo La Tengo. They were really good.

Will Oldham came out with an acoustic guitar and some cheap keyboards that he laid on the floor around him. The audience actually sat on the floor. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. Who knows what lay on that floor.

It was sort of slow and this woman was picking me up, probably the first and last time that ever happened. So, we left for the Blue Danube across the street.

A few years later, I paid attention when Will Oldham returned as Bonnie "Prince" Billy. He played with Chavez's Matt Sweeney for the Superwolf tour. I'm glad I caught him this time.


My sister had a friend/roommate who used to work a Starbuck's in Columbus. One day, a Jetta pulled up with a mountain bike strapped to the trunk. The driver entered the coffee shop. My sister's friend made his latte and Will Oldham drove off.

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