Hey, isn't that Dave Berman?

Some friends took a road trip down to Nashville. One night at a typical Nashville joint, they saw this guy who resembled Dave Berman of the Silver Jews. Both friends were big fans of his music as well as his book of poetry.

"Hey, isn't that Dave Berman?"

Sure enough, it was Dave Berman. They hung out with Berman for the rest of the night.

When the bars closed, Berman invited the friends to join him at his place where he had some coke. Neither friend had ever tried coke, but they could not resist the opportunity to snort coke with one of their idols.

While hanging out and doing drugs, Berman's wife came out to complain about all the noise. She had been sleeping until the party moved to her home. The couple had a shouting match. The friends were beside themselves.

Later that same year, Berman had a breakdown and nearly committed suicide. He then found Judaism and has seemingly recovered from his addictions.

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