My First Concert: Soul Asylum

March 17, 1993:

I was a senior in high school. It was a cold St. Patrick's Day. I got my picture in the Columbus Dispatch.

That night, we headed to Columbus to catch the Soul Asylum show at the Newport Music Hall. Green beer was flowing. We bought our t-shirts and received free, matching hats.

Vic Chestnut put on an inspired set that put the crowd to sleep. There were people actually sitting on the Newport floor for this portion of the show. The audience actually cheered when his set was done.

The Goo Goo Dolls came on to impress with their blue-collar Buffalo punk. All I can remember is how one of the guys had the longest, shaggiest bangs I've ever seen. There were no accoustic power ballads that night.

Soul Asylum came on and promptly played all their hits. We moshed. We had fun. We ate tacos.

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