Stephen Malkmus Doesn't Know His Own Lyrics and Blackie Onassis Is Gay

A buddy of mine used to work for the weekly entertainment rag in Columbus. His editor had been around and seen a few shows in her day. One of those shows was a Pavement show at Stache's.

After the gig, the woman approached front man Stephen Malkmus. She proceeded to tell him that he sang the wrong lyrics to Pavement favorite "Summer Babe".

Knowing that he wrote and recorded the song in question, Malkmus disagreed. The woman insisted that he sang it differently than how he had on the record. Malkmus stuck by his story and eventually escaped my friend's boss.

It should also be noted that this same person who questioned Malkmus also tried to proposition Urge Overkill drummer Blackie Onassis, also in Stache's. While making a b-line for the uber-cool percussionist, Marcy Mays (Scrawl co-founder) stopped the editor from making a terrible mistake. "Don't waste your time," Mays warned. "He's gay."

Too bad no one stopped her from making an ass of herself to Malkmus.

(Stories courtesy of Chad.)


jennifer said...
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jennifer said...

Blackie is hot still. And the best looking band member of uok by a long shot. Yes, the drug use has taken its toll but it's still there. I meet him and his 26 year old girlfriend in LA. I became good friends with them but since have lost touch. We used to go to movies, dinner, park together. He'd come over and talk music with my boyfriend.
Nothing about Blackie comes off as gay. I never would've thought that about him. His girlfriend Stacey was beautiful and smart.

Zac said...

Well, that's the story. Perhaps Marcy Mays wasn't protecting the woman in the story. She may have been protecting Blackie.